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Hello and welcome to All Yours

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As unbelievable as it may seem, not every person who menstruates can afford or access the period products needed for them to have a hygienic and comfortable period. This breaks our hearts.

We had a conversation in late November 2020 about how rubbish it would be to have your period over Christmas. That turned into a discussion about how awful it would be to have your period over Christmas and have no access to any period products. It was from this conversation that the idea of All Yours was born.

In December 2020, we started putting together period boxes with a period’s worth of period products to help as many people as possible in the West Berkshire area. This has now expanded to cover Berkshire, Hampshire, South Oxfordshire, and Wiltshire.

We have two types of boxes we provide to charities and welfare organisations. One is for adult women with more experience of their periods. The adult boxes contain a mix of tampons and period pads. The other box is for teenaged and younger girls who are just getting to grips with their periods. These boxes contain day and night period pads designed specifically for teenagers and younger girls. We distribute these boxes through food banks, supported housing units, women’s charities, schools, and community groups.

We send bespoke boxes to individuals who request them through our website or Facebook page. We can provide a more tailored selection for these women, including the offer of reusable period pads or menstrual cups. We use products from the Earthwise Girls collection for reusable requests.

You can request an All Yours box directly through this website if you need one. No questions asked. All the boxes are discreet brown or white cardboard boxes and we will either post it to you, or deliver it to your doorstep, whichever way is quicker.

Supporting All Yours means that we can continue to make and distribute boxes. A period is not a one-off event and women will need support throughout the year.

Thank you,

Caroline & Cara xx